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2020 Pricing



  • 1 hour on location
  • 1 optional outfit change
  • 10 images
  • Lo-res images
  • Hi-res images



  • 45 minutes on location
  • 4 images
  • Lo-res image for web
  • 1 Hi-res image for print




Creative Campaign (1/2 Day)

  • 4 hours on location
  • # of images TBD
  • Hi-res print-ready files
  • Lo-res online-ready files
  • Licensing fee TBD


Creative Campaign (Full Day)

  • Up to 8 hours on location
  • # of images TBD
  • Hi-res print-ready files
  • Lo-res online-ready files
  • Licensing fee TBD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01.
    • Your time is a valuable asset and I will never waste it! I recommend setting aside two hours for your shoot. Generally my shoots run an 60 – 90 minutes. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less. Rest assured, we will take the time needed to get the shots that encompass the best version of you.
  • 02.
    Outfit Changes
    • A ‘look’ is photographer jargon that denotes the number of outfits you’d like to be photographed wearing during your portrait session. But what if you want one picture with glasses and another picture without glasses? Or one with a hat and one without a hat? Does that constitute additional looks? It doesn’t for me! You can try with or without glasses. You can even shave or change your hairstyle if you want to. Accessories don’t count as “looks”. That said, I don’t recommend shaving during a shoot. Unless that’s your aesthetic of course.
  • 03.
    About Locations
    • Unless you specifically request a studio location for your session, we will shoot on location (Boston and RI area)! Location shooting allows us to find a nice environment that really fits the feel and look you want in your images. Once you and I confirm all the details for the shoot and get that pesky paperwork out the way, we can start researching locations! I generally do scouting well before the day fo our shoot and send you ideas and inspirations to get your thoughts on. I also invite you to share with me some of your ideas as well. Remember, this is a collaborative effort to make you look like the best version of you and the location is a big part of that!
  • 04.
    • In addition to the 50% retainer, any shoot with me requires a signed contract. This contract lays out all of my photo session policies in fine details and by signing it, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to those terms. Don’t worry, it’s not long and it’s not a lot of crazy lawyer speak! The contract also contains a model release, which in simple terms, means that you agree to let me upload the photos here to my website as portfolio content. I want to show off how great my clients are and how satisfied they are with their photos and I hope you’re okay with that! (It’s cool if you aren’t. Simply decline the model release bit. I won’t be hurt).
  • 05.
    I Have An Idea For A Shoot!
    • Some clients have a specific idea for their shoot and it is my goal to make that happen. Shoot me any ideas you have or example photos you are trying to create and I will do my best to translate that into a game plan and moodboard for out shoot. As a visual artist, part of my job sometimes entails making the client’s vision a reality and it’s a part of my job that I particularly enjoy.
  • 06.
    Ok, How Do I Book A Shoot?
    • I book shoots on a first-come-first-serve basis. Confirming any shoot date requires a 50% retainer at the time of booking and the remaining 50% due by the day of your shoot (some people opt to pay the full cost up front and others opt for the day before and that’s okay too!). You can view all your invoices as well as pay them via the client portal link you’ll receive when you confirm your desire to shoot with me. You may pay directly via debit/credit card or if you’re one of the modern kids, Venmo & CashApp. Please note that no session is booked until the retainer has been paid.