Athel Rogers || Visual Artist || Creative Portraiture

I began taking photography seriously in 2010 at the age of 16.  My grandfather Desie Roberts opened his photographic business, Roberts Studio in Mattapan, in 1973. He began taking me to events when I was 10- years-old, they included weddings, proms, graduations, birthday parties. Over 41 years he has photographed thousands of residents of Greater Boston, people include Hilary Clinton, Andrew Young, Barack Obama and more. The photograph I remember best with him was when he handed photographs of a young man who had just graduated to his mother, she teared up saying it was the first time she had seen her child as a man. That impressed me. The power of photography to touch people’s hearts and create an emotional connection and impact. 

I worked hard at a summer job when I was 15 – as a counselor in training at a summer camp – to save up enough money for my first camera, a Sony A230.  My first photograph was a close-up shot of a grasshopper. I was so proud of that photography.

However, inspired by the woman who saw her son in a new light I wanted to create that sort of personal transformation in the eyes and hearts of those who I photographed and who view my photography. I want to show the endless possibilities that lie within creativity, that emerge from a lens, that are touched by light that falls in just a certain way. I want those who don’t feel good about themselves, who disregard or have never seen the possibility within them, to have revealed what I see in them through the lens of my camera. I’m almost entirely self trained, I’ve taken those courses I can afford. I remain inspired by my grandfather and what I see through a lens.

My current specialty and focus is on conceptual portraits; photos that make you think and ponder the story behind them. I enjoy creating the client’s desired mood and planning shoots from the extravagant and complex editorial to the simple and clean portrait shot. I also periodically dabble in wedding and esports photography.

Are you interested in creating something amazing? Feel free to reach out to me at any of the methods below.

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